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Medicinal cannabis for stress and anxiety // Written By Dr Firas Al Ali , General Practitioner

The experience of stress and anxiety may not be
an obstacle per se. Instead, the experience of stress
and anxiety over time—due to several external
and internal factors—may play a key role in shifting
us into a sense of constant disharmony within ourselves.

“Know that everything within you is empowering, while everything outside of you, is not as empowering,” emphasised Dr. Firas Al Ali.

A shift in perspective: How does my mind and body play a role in healing my anxiety and stress with medical cannabis?

The role of medical cannabis is bidirectional, in which it can either act as a catalyst or buffer, in taking action to improve one’s overall mental health. In practice in Australia, the probability of being a buffer is reduced by the prescription of medication constituted of the non-psychoactive component (with little or no psychoactive element) in reducing anxiety.

In treating stress and/or anxiety, one of the highest values upheld by Dr. Firas is getting to know you, the person with the innate ability to heal. That is, the confirmation of being prescribed medical cannabis (or any form of medication), its corresponding formulation, and treatment, are all intentionally tailored after a number of intuitive consultations with you.

To illustrate, Dr. Firas’s treatments ranges from a deep 17-page pre-consultation assessment, to multiple in-depth conversations where he subtly, yet intentionally, observes potential health indications varying from your breath to your posture, with the list persisting on. By incorporating his knowledge over decades, and thus fine-tuning his skills as an empath, Dr. Firas potently gauges an integrative perspective of your wellbeing; by not only assessing your current mental obstacles, but the multiple states of your overall health trajectory, and thus well-being.

In a nutshell, Dr. Firas’s combination of holistic methods represents the starting point of shifting your obstacles into opportunities for healing, whereby the appropriate utility of medical cannabis will be pinpointed if, and only if, deemed necessary. This is deeply rooted in his principle of perceiving you – the individual – as the healer of your own body, not the medical drug or herb.

But, what actually is Medical Cannabis (MC)?

To put our scientific goggles on for a second, medical cannabis (aka medical marijuana) is constituted of cannabinoids. These are naturally occurring compounds present in the sativa plant which act on our endocannabinoid system through the corresponding receptors found throughout our entire body. Functionally, cannabinoids play a significant role in regulating appetite, memory, mood and pain experiences.

Cannabinoids can be divided into two major constituents: 1) tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and 2) cannabidiol (CBD). Respectively, THC represents the psychoactive compound of cannabis, while the CBD is the non-psychoactive component.

It is beneficial to grasp the common misconception that the recreational use of MC is equivalent to strains with high levels of THC in treating anxiety. However, the contrast is often relatively common: low THC with high CBD strains are often utilised for anxiety- focused treatment.

To clarify, can Medical Cannabis be used for both my anxiety and stress?

Now, it is important to distinguish the difference between anxiety and stress; while stress represents an emotion particularly triggered by adverse situations– with the experience passing once the ‘stressor’ is removed— anxiety often remains present, occurs without any particular reason, or makes it hard to cope with daily life (Beyond Blue).

Consequently, lacking such awareness may lead to the self-medication by those experiencing perceived anxiety when in reality, people suffer from stress.

Hence, this is where Dr. Firas may powerfully step in your healing trajectory; where guidance is not only appropriate, but also genuine, his intention lies not only in utilising the powerful herb to its optimum effectiveness, but instilling a solid foundation revolving around you as the source of healing, not the drug.

Medicinal cannabis is one of my tools in my toolbox. The rest lies within you, the healer, and me, the assistant of healing,” affirms Dr. Firas.

In fact, a glimpse of what Dr. Firas’s way of healing is implemented by a tackling-the-root approach, involving three consecutive stages:

  1. ) Trauma release
  2. ) Energy restoration
  3. ) Physical recuperation

Of course, a deeper explanation will be provided by Dr. Firas himself.

An alternative conclusion: the power of your mind and body to heal, instead of medical cannabis, in your health trajectory.

In other words, we are our own healers, and thus heroes; be it for our health, or our lives in general. Everything else, such as medical cannabis and Dr. Firas himself, are external resources—guiding aids—which only help direct us on our journey towards realising, and experiencing our own innate power to heal as the humans we are.


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