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NAD + and Chronic Stress At Reclaim Health // Written By Alyce Salih , Registered Nurse
IV Therapy & Practice Nurse

Managing Chronic Stress at Reclaim Health using IV NAD to reach you health goals.


Can NAD Manage stress? if so.. how?

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the cellular currency of the body. It is the form in which the body utilizes energy. NAD is an important component in the pathway by which our body obtains ATP. NAD infusion therapy supplies the body with an energy boost and primes it to cope with stress or fatigue.

Intravenous NAD administration optimizes the energy available to muscles and in this way combats fatigue and exhaustion. NAD infusion therapy is enriched with NAD and other nutrients used in the management of chronic fatigue syndrome – A prolonged state of tiredness and fatigue.